Any cyclist participate in critical mass?

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  • Protarded
    for those unfamiliar with critical mass, it's a mass bike ride through many major cities on the last Friday of each month. I was not very familiar with the ride until my hethen, worldly, unjudgemental, friend invited me last night. After googling it, I found that it's pretty controversial. Lots of hate from drivers who get stuck behind the group. I I can't say that I blame them but, holy hell, what a blast. 600 cyclist cruising thru a city really lets you appreciate sights and scenes normally taken for granted. So I was just wondering if anyone else has ridden or been stuck behind and your opinions. I'll say this, it beats the meeting and would probably be frowned upon because of the word "mass"... Obligatory, LOL
  • GrreatTeacher

    My husband cycles and is nearly hit often. Sometimes because drivers are just not looking out for cyclists, but other drivers are more cynical. He's had things thrown at him. This even happens when he has the right of way, say turning left at a red light. Drivers just don't want to slow down.

    I like the critical mass ride because it lets drivers know that cyclists are out there and they have the same rights as other drivers. It also brings visibility to the need for bike lanes and other cyclist and pedestrian friendly access on public roadways.

    Enjoy your new hobby! You get exercise, fresh air and a different perspective on the area. A better choice than sitting in a windowless box for 2 hours on a Sunday morning.

  • Protarded
    Thanks great t. I like the courteousness in the group. Riders seem to look out for other riders. But guessing by the thumbs down, someone disagrees. Come on, state your case, sir or ma'am. I asked for opinions. If I'm hanging with Eco terrorists or tree hugging hipsters, I'd like any insight. Otherwise, I might be inclined to think that you are jealous of others finding their own niche. If you live near one, I'd suggest you try it? They won't judge Or try to convert you.
  • JeffT

    The thumbs down wasn't mine, but I will answer the questions for you.

    First off, two of my three children are avid urban bikers and I want them to be safe. Maybe its different where you are, the group has a bad rep here in Seattle. They've been known to block the road no matter what is behind them, including emergency vehicles and a guy trying to get his wife to the hospital. I fail to see how you encourage sharing something by attempting to hog it for yourself. Some of the people associated with the group have made some really asinine and rude comments about drivers. This is not helpful.

    This even happens when he has the right of way, say turning left at a red light

    I don't understand how this situation gives him the right of way.

  • Protarded

    Mr. Jeff, thanks for the input. I personally witnessed some heavy littering, which I do not condone. you are correct. I was put off with some ... Lots of people's actions. Clean up after yourselves. At risk of sounding like a governing body member, the actions of few do not rep the majority. I could only recommend, if you are capable, to see it from the the other side if you haven't.

    edit, punctuation.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Sorry so late. I haven't checked in in a few days.

    He has the right away when turning left just like any other driver. It could be state differences in bicycle rules, very possibly.

    In Maryland, bikes follow driving laws and are treated like any other vehicle. You can actually get pulled over for a DUI when biking.

    My point was that traffic following the bike while making a left turn is often very impatient because they have to follow a slower vehicle. They will sometimes try to drive around the bike which is dangerous and sometimes get angry and throw things at the biker.

    This is assuming the biker legitimately has the right of way and are turning on green or an arrow and are in front of the following vehicle. In this case the biker would have the right of way.

    Right turns are not nearly as problematic because the bike can hug the shoulder. Crossing intersections seems to really raise the ire of other drivers.

    Again, state laws vary and maybe I wasn't so clear in my original comment.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    I tried this once. I couldn't stay with it. Way too slow for me, and it felt wrong.

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