Simple Computer Technology Assistance Requested...

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  • Inkie

    Hello there you Tekkies: Can any of you tell me how I go about posting a document onto the Board? I've never done it before and should like very much to attach one. Is it just a matter of scanning the document and cutting and pasting or are other steps required? Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. --Inkie

  • yknot

    I use 'photobucket'.......

    Make sure your scan is jpg/jpeg (or similar).

    Upload to free photobucket account

    Copy the 'direct link code'

    Press the insert/edit image button on the tool bar above (it is the tree icon)

    paste the code into the image url box and press 'insert'

  • Inkie

    YKnot: Thank you! Truly! --Inkie

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