Just got a DC invitation/pamphlet

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  • WingCommander

    Actually, I got TWO of them. One of them was stuck in my front door and I discovered ANOTHER one in in-laws front door when I went to visit. The good news is, I trashed BOTH of them before anyone noticed. Oh no!!!

    Honestly, as I was sitting upon the toilet I did read the one I had gotten. It was your standard jibberish about being invited to a FREE assembly about the biblical topics, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. It asked something like "How we can draw closer to God? Come to our free assembly in Reading, PA and find out" etc, etc.

    Do you know what I caught? On neither side of the invitation was Jesus' name. NO WHERE. Jehovah was there a few times, but Jesus was completely OMITTED. For a religion professing to be CHRISTIANS you'd certainly think they could throw out his name once in a while, right?????? I find that really sad and pathetic. What's worse, is that from reading on here about the DC this year I know that this drawing closer to Jehovah is done by following The Faithful & Discreet Slave, no matter what drivel comes out of their mouthes or else DIE!!!

    Nope, none of this "Come to me, follow me," etc as Jesus commanded...nope, not for JW's. It's all about following a man-made Governing Body which no one on earth can ever really prove was selected by God, except the GB themselves. It's, "We're in charge because we say we are in charge, so shut up and do as we say or ELSE!!"

    Talk about your classic bait and switch. I was also thinking about what would happen if a "normal" worldy person did show up to DC. Chances are they'd be in Khakis and a polo, if not jeans, and the first thing they'd feel is inadequate for not dressing up, then think they are at an AMWAY convention. They'd be so out of there. Then again, they'd first have to be ALLOWED in, right? I mean, doesn't everyone have to wear name tags now? What for silly, simple-minded Bullsh*t!!! Hello, My Name is Todd, and I'm from the Kissup Congregation of Uranus, PA. Can I get some mozzerella sticks before my burger here at Applebees? I'm a total douche by the way.

    - Wing Commander

  • WTWizard

    Free? True, they might not charge you to get in. They will only hound you to make donations--to give them every penny you have on you, and make you feel guilty if you don't.

  • Finally-Free

    I found one in my mailbox yesterday. I was a bit surprised, as I told them last month that I quit their cult 7 years ago and they should mark me down as a 'do not call'. Maybe they were just putting them in everyone's mailbox without knocking on doors, but that's not the way we did it when I was a JW. I got a 'memorial' invite the same way this year.


  • Heartbreaker

    FF - was the invite mailed though the postal system? Isn't it illegal to place something in a mailbox like that?

  • Finally-Free
    Isn't it illegal to place something in a mailbox like that?

    Unfortunately, in Canada it's not illegal to put junk in our mailboxes.


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