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  • New day
    New day
    I had an interesting conversation with my wife today. She revealed that she had been deeply hurt by bros and sis reactions to her as she has not been to meetings for a while due to physical and emotional probs. When she meets JWs in the street they cannot cope with her and are often very cool towards her. JWs cannot deal with psychological problems as they usually ascribe it to lack of faith. She does not doubt that it is "the truth" but sees some of the flaws. She would not agree with me that the revised generation teaching is a very serious issue. She feels that somehow Jehovah is testing us by allowing humans to make mistakes and then correcting them. She had no answer when I asked her how is Jehovah going to correct the generation teaching? For me it is all about the doctrine.
  • TheListener

    Great conversation. Maybe your wife is a lot like mine, doctrine doesn't matter, it's a social club. That may be the best way for you to reach her real personality. Imho the more supportive and loving you are the more contrast she will see between the dubs and you.

  • Butyoucanneverleave
    The lack of love was what started my questioning things. They claim to have unconditional love but we know otherwise. When they ask you how you are doing they really don't want to know. It's just something to say. The way my own sister treated myself and my spouse was what sent me out of a Kingdom Hall for the last time. Best thing I've done was walk away from their bs.
  • Tapioca
    Very perceptive of you to see the difference in points of view (yours and hers), generally and, in this case, specifically. You call if an interesting conversation, TheListener calls it a Great conversation, and Butyoucanneverleave calls it "questioning." This is marvelous! Fantastic! Outstanding that you can have those kinds of conversations and you are able to see their not-so-hidden meaning and their possibilities. You really have a good thing going there and I agree that the more seriously understanding you are and the more accepting of her real personality you can be--there's your strength/sweet spot. Good luck with continued conversations on these matters! Her ttatt may look different from yours.
  • Crazyguy

    I think the biggest trap the Borg sets is this idea that man is not worthy of gods favor and must work to achieve his blessing and finally enter in to the kingdom of god. People really buy into this idea and it sets the stage for its all every imperfect mans fault and the borg is still gods one and only borg. This allows the borg to get away with almost anything and then the victims will still just blame it on mans imperfections instead of waking up and realizing it was the borg all along.

    I think your chance to get your wife to wake up is either showing her mistakes and problems with the bible or show her the teachings of Christ and how most of the NT doesn't work with what the Borg teaches.

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