Heh, AWESOME "worldly person" response to a JW

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  • SixofNine

    This morning I posted one of Blondie's Watchtower quotes (the ones that show what JW's really believe about who is going to be toast during armageddon) on a political discussion board. The following is one of the replies I got (I don't suppose this would work with most Witnesses, but it's still too funny not to share):

    18. A former co-worker kept giving me JW literature on our lunchbreaks
    So one day I decided to read one of his pamphlets and highlighted every sentence or paragraph that I knew that he did not adhere to or follow.

    I handed it back to him and asked him to read the parts that I highlighted, and then tell me why he wasn't following his Jehovah's tenents to the letter.

    He sat there in the lunchroom, and read them as I asked, but could not come up with any explanations (excuses), and never bothered me again.
  • serenitynow!

    Wow why was the JW doing all that preaching if he knew he wasnt practicing it. I thought you were going to say that the guy highlighted all the crap that didnt make sense, that would work too.

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    SIXOF NINE good post but this is nothing new. asking any jw's to explain most any wt publication is a joke because they don't know what the hell it really says. and like in your post most jw's don't follow to the letter what the wt teaches. they just FUDGE IT. and count time on lunch hour. jw's are so simple once you question them about the mag's they gave you. it COMICIAL

  • purplesofa

    Workplace=worst place to preach!!!

  • undercover

    I never handed out WT literature at work. Hell, I didn't even have any of my own there. I kept my JW status on the down low. The less said, the better.

    But I did know some dubs who kept literature at work and tried to share it. It usually didn't go over well. Over time they gave up but then they would leave it in plain sight for everyone to see. One brother kept a Bible and a WT on the corner of his desk. One brother kept his "Remembering the Daily Text" or whatever it was called, on his desk. One sister used her lunch hour to study for meetings and to read her WTs. I avoided them and went to lunch with the crew and had a beer or two.

    Over the years, most of the JW employees ended up in as many scandals and firings as the average worker. At first, the company liked hiring them. The first couple were honest and good employees. After that the track record quickly evened out and then reversed itself. JWs have been in some of the most controversial situations during my time at the company.

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