"TIMELY FOOD" for those who CAN'T Accept the new generation teaching!

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    Many may have experienced how those of the flock are just brushing aside and not accepting this new spiritual light and proof of the holy spirit working with the GB on the revelation of the generation understanding. In my hall, elders brushed it aside saying it doesn't matter, they are just trying to clarify and give a broad understanding, no need to worry about it.

    God's congregation is UNITED! AND that is not a GB teaching, but from Jehovah and Jesus! (according to the GB)

    The 9/15/10 WT is the "Food at the proper time" Let's consider how to apply it to the new generation teaching.....

    SHOW HER THE SEPT 15, 2010 WT - Earnestly seek Jehovahs blessings PAR 7,,, "We cannot hope to acquire a
    good relationship with Jehovah if we ignore
    those whom Jesus has appointed to care for
    his belongings. Without the assistance of
    “the faithful and discreet slave,” we would
    neither understand the full import of what
    we read in God’sWord nor know how to apply
    it. (Matt. 24:45-47)"

    So as you can see there, she just doesn't understand it because she's not part of the GB, but she needs to just accept it!

    Then Page 13, Par 8 says - The Governing Body publishes
    spiritually encouraging literature in many
    languages. This spiritual food is based on
    God’s Word. Thus, what is taught is not
    frommen but fromJehovah.—Isa. 54:13."

    SO if she rejects that teaching, it's not the GB she's rejecting, it's Jehovah!

    Page 15, Par 16 says - "However, downplaying doctrines
    leaves people with a shallow faith and certainly
    does not unite the divided house of
    Christendom." - So she must have 100% faith in the doctrine of the new generation, or she's part of CHRISTENDOM!!!!

    Page 21, par 1 says - "CHRISTENDOM’S churches have human
    leaders, such as the pope of Rome, the
    patriarchs and metropolitans of the Eastern
    Orthodox churches, and the heads of other
    religions. Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize no
    human as their leader." - So again, she is refusing to accept some new light from Jehovah! not the GB!

    Page 23, par 8 - "The anointed
    and their other sheep companions
    recognize that by following
    the lead of the modern-day Governing
    Body, they are in fact following
    their Leader, Christ."

    - Jesus miraculously allows us to follow the GB's LEAD, yet without them being the leader. This can only happen in God's true congregation, because a false congregation they would be known as leaders!

    Page 26, par 4 - "As Head
    of the Christian congregation,
    Christ has used this
    “faithful and discreet slave”
    to administer His Kingdom
    interests on earth. He has
    provided direction for the
    anointed “domestics” and
    their “other sheep” companions
    by means of a Governing

    Page 27, par 10 -

    "They recognize, however, that Christ is using
    a small group of anointed Christian
    men as a Governing Body to lead and direct
    his disciples on earth."


    Now the KINGDOM PROCLAIMERS BOOK SAYS THIS.....on Page 210 - "since the visible agency that would be used by Christ IS the faithful and discreet slave (and the FACTS of modern day history already considered show that this 'slave' EMPLOYS the Watch Tower Society as a legal instrument), The Watchtower (not the GB or Jesus) explained that theocratic procedue would REQUIRE that appointments of service be made through this agency!

    Infact the entire CHAPTER 15, starting on page 204 is very enlightening. It shows how there used to be elections from the congregations themselves on who would lead, but the WATCHTOWER brougth out how that was not scriptual, it should be holy spirit, and how only they could really do that, and since they are proven as the slave, those who oppose that were infact apostates.

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