Proud Kids' Tribute To Dad Jacko

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  • Mythbuster

    MICHAEL Jackson's children are to pour out their hearts about how his death has changed their lives.

    Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12, and Prince Michael II, eight - known as Blanket - will read from their personal journals in a private memorial.

    Each of the King of Pop's kids will speak in turn at a Jehovah's Witness meeting hall where Jacko's mum Katherine, father Joe and other relatives have worshipped for more than two decades.

    Jacko, who died from an overdose of the hospital anaesthetic propofol on June 25 last year, was brought up as a strict devotee of the religion, although he rarely attended meetings in later years.

    This week's service to commemorate the anniversary of his death was Katherine's idea. But it was Prince Michael who volunteered to share his memories.

    Elders at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Northridge, near the Jackson family mansion in the LA suburb of Encino, at first asked Katherine if the children were ready for such an ordeal.

    "Prince Michael told her he wanted to do this for his dad," said a close source yesterday. "And he said Paris and Blanket were also ready to speak at length in public for the first time."

    Paris touched the world's heart during a memorial service at LA's Staples Centre last year when she tearfully declared on stage: "I love you, dad."

    She and Prince Michael also gave brief speeches after a tribute to Jackson at the Grammy Awards in January. But neither has spoken publicly about their father since.

    "There is absolutely no pressure on them to speak," an elder at Kingdom Hall told the Daily Star Sunday. "But they have all indicated they wish to do so.

    "This is incredibly courageous of them, especially in the case of Blanket, who has never shared his feelings with anyone but his siblings and closest relatives.

    "I find it very moving that the children want to do this. Their grandmother is very proud of them, as I am sure are the millions of fans who loved their father."

  • RebeccaChi

    WTF?????!!!!!! I'm disfellowshiped. Would the Kingdom Hall have a memorial for me?????!!!! I find this very interesting. Did the Daily Star get this right about having it in the Kingdom Hall? And the elders, C.O., beth-hell are allowing this??? I was also born into this FUBAR of a religion, baptized at a young age and abused by a parent. Oh . . . . wait a minute . . . . I'm not known world-wide and I don't have millions that can be donated to the society. I would actually be shocked if the society allows this "memorial" to take place, really shocked if it is in a Kingdom Hall.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That has to be a scam or some Elders are in deep doo doo

  • lesabre

    plus.... there's NO WAY there would be anything at the KH to remember the anniversary of ANYONE's death (besides Jesus).... wouldn't they consider that to be "worship of the dead" or something??? weird.

  • nelly136

    how many more funerals/memorials does he need? (private private its in the rags PR PR PR kerrrrching)

    an average jw is lucky to even get a mention at their own infomercial.

    perhaps the bethel coach tours could start up a neverland pilgrimage with their bethel tours package, and the borg could do a full spread in the watchtower and add earthsong to the song list at a convention or two for good measure.

  • steve2

    I simply do not believe that such a memorial service would ever be held in a kingdom hall whose congregation was in good standing with the Watchtower Society. Therewell could be a memorial service - but in a kingdom hall???? No way!!!!

  • Mythbuster

    How reputable is the Daily Star? Is it like The Enquirer in the US? I got this tidbit from Google Alerts.

  • chickpea

    what a departure from precedent!

    i remember a "sister", 2nd generation,
    related to half the congro (srsly, one of
    5 kids, most of whom were married w/kids)
    being told she could NOT use the KH for her
    cos the "bro" had only been baptized
    for 6 months....

    jesus tapdancing christ!
    that california branch is
    one helluva liberal ordnung!

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