Author of the book The Bible vs. the Watchtower, Cochise Pendleton...conference call Sun.June 20 2010

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    IS JESUS CHRIST A CREATION OF GOD? John 3:16 "begotten" ... Revelation 3:14 "Beginning" ... Colossians 3:15 "firstborn" ... Join me on June 20th at 5p.m. PST as Christianity 101 discusses this very subject. Who Did Jesus Christ Claim to Be .. Part 2 To get on this conference call dial 712-432-8710 when asked for pin use 9925
    This is a great opportunity to ask Biblical questions and hear what many former Jehovah's Witnesses now are doing for spirituality. The time of the program is 8p.m.EST and 5p.m. Pacific time.
  • minimus

    Cochise. What a kewl name.

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