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  • Heaven

    cappytan said: I would love to. It's too soon into my fade to come out completely this year.

    I hear ya on that one cappy. I debate with myself about 'coming out' publicly. I don't want to become an ISIS target. And I don't want it to adversely affect my career. I'm pretty sure my current boss is Catholic.

  • cofty

    Heaven - Is difficult to imagine living in a country where anybody would be the least concerned about publicly admitting they are not a believer. In Western Europe the opposite is the case.

    America has a long way to go.

  • freemindfade

    Whenever I am feeling especially Godless I enjoy a good stroll through some instagram accounts that deal with godlessness and atheism. They are quite good for mid day boost in enjoying being awake.

    I have recently been enjoying one called atheistproblems.

    Anyway, it can give some levity, or some serious thought provoking firepower for you.

    Lack of belief in God or a God is not a claim that there is no God.
  • LV101
    The 'openlysecularorg' might be lacking with U S members since the producers of the NBC show called the Bible is reporting many are running back to the churches. Millions are tuned into this show.

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