British TV themes: THE PERSUADERS (my version)

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  • Terry

    I love British TV of the 60's. One of the all time great series was The Persuaders with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore. It was right up there with Danger Man (Secret Agent).

    The Brits had John Barry pen the theme to the Persuaders and and I thought I'd do my own arrangement.

  • purplesofa

    nice, thanks for sharing,

  • Terry

    Thank you!

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I enjoyed that and i used to like danger man my favourite was the Saint, on a sunday night. Something to look forward to as a kid after a boring mostly cold morning in field service and two and a half hours at the meetings with the walk to and from the hall we had no car in those days. Even in the worst winter on record my father still had to get to the hall.

  • nelly136

    that brings back memories terry, if you like the old brit tv stuff you might want to watch out for randal and hopkirk on your travels.

  • MsDucky

    That's you playing? Wow, you're good!

  • Terry

    Here is my revised and final version of The Persuaders (I'm never satisfied!)

    See if this one doesn't evoke a bit better feeling.

    This is 15 tracks of me playing on the Yamaha Motif ES6. My arrangement differs only slightly from the original TV version.

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