Witnesses visit, E Mail from Daughter..

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  • Snoozy

    Well they don't visit her very often. I don't even know if they are aware that she used to be a witness.

    She just sent me a E Mail that said:

    Yuk, the Jehovas were just here!!!
    A Man with two girls looked like they were 12!!!
    I sent them away. I should have said,"You Know you are in a cult right?"..Ha Ha maybe I can catch them and yell them to announce my address at next meeting to stay away from me!!!

    But that will only make them come more!!! Yuk, I need a shower now.

    So my daugher has been out for many years and we very seldom talk about the religion. She is the one that first showed me the ex JW sites but she never bothered to join any. I did..

    I could think of so many more things for her to say but those were the first words out of her mouth..
    My first thought was one of disgust..just the mention of a man with two teen girls churned my stomach..

    I need to look up info on the Do not call list they have..do you just write the local congregation?


  • jamiebowers
    do you just write the local congregation?

    From what I hear, that's all you have to do. But an elder is supposed to call once a year.

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