need more info on Jaracz please

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  • Dogpatch
    Dogpatch is collecting more information on Jaracz, if you have any solid info based more than on hearsay, please share:

    Ted Jaracz

    Born: Sept. 28, 1925

    Where: Pike County, Kentucky

    Baptized: August 10, 1941 at age 15

    Entered pioneer service: At age of 17

    Attended Gilead: 7 th class in 1946 at age of 20

    Assigned: To Cleveland, Ohio as a CO

    Met Melita: In the US at a convention. Don’t know when

    Went to Australia: 1951- became branch servant

    Melita: Pined away for him and visited him in Australia

    Service Dept: He was working there in 1956 (So wrote the wife of a man who worked with him.)

    Married: After returning to US on December 10, 1956

    1957: Attended the Beverly Hills Congregation for less than six months after marriage

    Assigned to traveling work as CO and then DO covering a large part of US.

    Around 1963: Ron and Delores Frank were in CO work in Calif under Ted’s direction as DO

    Became a GB member: 1974

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  • besty

    looks like he never really bought into the 1935 sealing of the anointed doctrine - that must have been more for the rank and file.....

  • Titus

    Why he was forced to leave the Australian Branch?


    Good morning Randy..

    JapanBoy/Japster.....Is Ted Jaracz`s nephew..

    You can PM "Japster" here on JWN..

    Check your own website too..He may log on from time to time..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Dogpatch

    thanks Outlaw. Japster, if you can, PM me and I'll try you.



    Hey Randy..

    Japster comes on the board every once in a while..I have`nt heard from him in weeks..

    It`s best to leave a PM for him..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

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