Watchtower & Awake subscriptions?

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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Seems like I read here that WT & A subscriptions were done away with. Is that correct, and if so when and why? I can only imagine it would be a cost savings reason. I remember subscriptions being a big thing, with even special subscription campaigns in the door-to-door work. Do people just pick up their personal magazines at the literature counter or those with computers print out their copy? If I remember correctly, wasn't the yellow form for the Watchtower and the blue form for the Awake, or was it the other way around? When I was in, I actually liked getting my copies in the mail.

    Think About It

  • JimmyPage

    Remember how they used to come in brown wrappers? Looking back knowing what I know now I have to wonder if the mailman thought it was porn.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    That changed a long time ago not long after the "donation arrangement"™ was implemented. The publishers™ would still have a standing order at the magazine counter, but would include their personal copy with their service copies. Any remaining subscriptions were allowed to run their course. At the time I had a First Class mailing subscription that allowed me to get my personal copy of the WT several weeks ahead of the congo. I missed it then when it ran out.

    More recently, in the last month or so (I think the letter was 4/19/10) the whole arrangement was done away with and now the congregation has a standing order and the R&F just picks up the copies they need for the day/week from the magazine counter. I am sure the kool-aid edition of the WT (the "Study article" edition) is probably still ordered specifically...dunno.

    I am sooooo glad I dont deal with that anymore.

    Snakes (Rich)

    ps...(edited to add... first class came in white wrappers... regular subscriptions came in brown..and I thought about that too with the mailman wondering.... I knew a couple of them that read them on their lunch and then put the mag back in the wrapper...did the same with porn from their customers....LOL)

  • blondie

    Up until 2001 jws were still being directed to renew their subscriptions. In 2002 this ended. I had stopped going to the KH and was wondering how I would get the magazines for my comments. Here's WT comments on how to switchover. I wonder if they still have "special" subscriptions? I wonder too if housebound/nursing home bound jws get them delivered?

    (sorry can't get it to format correctly)

    *** km 4/02 p. 7 Continue Benefiting From The Watchtower and Awake! ***

    Now that mail subscriptions to the Watchtower and Awake! magazines are being discontinued, effort will be required to ensure that we, and those to whom we preach, do not miss even one issue.

    Personal Copies: When your personal subscription expires, increase your present order at the magazine counter. Parents should order enough magazines so that each family member has his own copy. Putting your name on your personal copy will ensure that it is not inadvertently placed in the field. When shipments of magazines arrive, the brothers handling them will make each issue available immediately at the Kingdom Hall.

    Magazine Routes: Publishers should endeavor to establish a magazine route with all interested ones who desire to receive each issue. Delivering the magazines personally to such ones will provide opportunities to cultivate the interest shown and to start Bible studies.—See Our Kingdom Ministry, October 1998, page 8.

    Those With Special Needs: If an individual displays genuine interest but lives in unassigned territory, an exception can be made to allow him to receive the magazines by mail subscription. If a person living in the congregation’s territory cannot be served by a magazine route but is sincerely interested in receiving the magazines, discuss the case with the Congregation Service Committee. If they approve, a subscription can be turned in for the interested person. The standard subscription forms (M-1 and M-101) may be used for this purpose.

    We can be confident that Jehovah will continue to bless all our efforts to advertise the Kingdom by means of The Watchtower and Awake!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Blondie....I had forgotten all about that weird in retrospect....

    stupid that you would have to discuss a subscription with the entire damn service committee.... and the interested person is referred to as "the case"...

    freaking cult control..

    Snakes (Rich )

  • mentallyfree31

    I used to handle the subscriptions and that was a real pain..


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