All paths lead somehwere

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  • sabastious

    I know it's obvious, but the only things in life that can be quantified are obvious.

    I'm not talking physics or math here. Talking psychology and philosophy.

    All paths lead somewhere. Every person chooses a path, no matter where they came from, and that path leads somewhere.

    It's a bleak outlook to some. Others it's exciting and adventerous. Some, it's just the path.

    Humans are extraordinary to some and ordinary to others. Humans are dangerous to some and helpful to others. They are boring to some and enlightening to others. We are what we are and I am what I am.

    That statement sounds monotonous to some and exhilerating to others.

    That is the nature of things. We think what we think and we come to the conclusions based on what we think the facts should be and what the evidence should say.

    Are we all bias or objective? Some would say the latter and some would say the former.

    You get my point.

    Is debate useful or burdensome?

    Is truth possible, probable or impossible?

    You get my point.

    Or do you?

    Are you offended?

    Are you applauding?

    Are you laughing?

    Are you complacent?

    You are something, I know that. I also know that some agree with you and some disagree.

    That is the nature of things.


  • sabastious

    I was digging through my old posts, I was plastered when I wrote this lol.


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