How many "partakers" for the 2010 Memorial celebration? Anyone know yet?

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  • The_Present_Truth

    I was just watching one of the videos on Watchtower Comments regarding the growing number of partakers at the Memorial Celebrations each year. Made me wonder what the tally was this year? Anyone have the stats yet?



  • blondie

    etna asked that and the answer is that they are not posted until the end of the year in the yearbook and the kingdom ministry. Eventually they are posted on the or websites. Some people might get their yearbooks or kms earlier and post it here, but not yet. The used to be in the watchtower, 1/1 or 1/15 or 3/1 or 15, but then they stopped posting them in the watchtower magazine completely.

  • Titus

    one, for sure...

  • blondie

    one less, for sure

  • Soldier77

    We should start a bet! Whoever gets the exact number of this years partakers gets to never go back to the meetings! If you're already not going to the meetings then you get bonus frequent JWD miles....

    I say 11,710.

  • The_Present_Truth

    Thanks for the posts. I figured it would be in the yearbook or the OKM but I thought we might have some insiders around with inside scoop.

    You guys are funny, "one for sure" and "one less for sure". Both answers make me grin.

    Love the idea of the pool for the closest to the number of partakers. That could get some traction.

    Thanks again,


  • Gayle

    Oh, let's go for a whole "tribe" - 12,000 Rev.7:5-8.

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