Have you ever watched GOD.TV - its crazy!!!!

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  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Just flicking through the channels the other day and came across GOD.TV, which I have glanced at a few times previously.

    Anyway, they are currently trying to raise $4 million so they can keep broadcasting.

    To set the scene - they have built a stone alter in the middle of the studio - on top of which they (Rory and Wendy Alec) are placing printed off pledges.

    They then start to pray and sprinkle anointing oil over the pledges while mumbling some strange hebrew words as well as Wendy swaying from side to side as if she has had a bit to much to drink.

    Going along the bottom of the screen was "We need $4 million in the bank before May 31st" - I then realised that it was June 13th!!!!

    I believe in God but after watching this I can understand why some view religious people as a bit wacko.

    Tune in to witness the craziness for yourself.

    The Scotsman

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