Are we being overtreated with Radiation?

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  • Snoozy

    Just read an article about the dangers of being over X rayed.
    Can't help wonder why it has been known all this time and is just now being warned against publically.
    I also wonder if the new Insurance laws going into effect have anything to do with it.
    The government won't be OKing costly XRay's because it may harm you? And save themselves a buck in the process?
    I noticed that when I go to the dentist they always cover your chest with a heavy vest to protect it from radiation..when you have X rays for other problems they don't always do it. Hummmmmm


  • JeffT

    "Defensive medicine" in action. Doctors order every test they can think of because they don't want to be asked why they didn't at a malpractice trial. My brother (an internist) has been complaining about this for years. A kid who sprained his ankle at a baseball game used to get it wrapped in an ace bandage and sent home. Now he's going in for an MRI "just in case." Nobody wants to admit it, but this is a major factor behind the increased cost of health care in this country.

  • Jadeen

    Snoozy, the dentist covers your chest with a lead apron because your teeth are being examined. Since approximately 70% of all x-rays are for chest problems, the chest usually isn't covered. It's just a protection from scatter radiation.

    JeffT is right. The cost of a malpractice suit is what causes a lot of extra examinations while at the hospital.

    Another factor that can cause multiple examinations is obesity. Techs try to set the amount of exposure at the lowest possible amount. Excessive weight means that higher amounts need to be used in order for the radiologist to be able to properly read the x-ray. Sometimes that means the techs need to take an x-ray a number of times, progressively increasing the amount. A friend of mine told me about one woman that came in that needed 11 x-rays done before a readable picture was taken.

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