Jewish Restoration to Palestine teaching dropped 1 years too early LOL ROFL.., "that generation"

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  • EndofMysteries

    I'm sure it wasn't expected that from pages 120 to 140's, very soon would every mentioned person, article, and source where Russel got his ideas would be accessible through the internet.

    Let's help our brothers and sisters by in a very easy format and in order, starting on page 20, putting together every PDF scan document mentioned here, as well as information withheld about the mentioned people.

    ANYWAY, page 141, "The bible students were well aware of the many prophecies of restoration that were delivered to ancient Israel by God's prophets. Down till 1932, they believed that God would show Israel favor again, gradually restoring the Jews to Palestine, opening their eyes to the truth regarding Jesus as the Ransomer and Messianic King, and using them as an agency for extending blessing to all nations."

    Funny, the year Nazi regime began. One thing is for certain, THAT generation did not pass away till all things happened, and if those days not cut short, none of them would be saved.

  • EndofMysteries

    *page 120 - most JW's don't know any of that info from Pages 120 to 140, even though they have the book. A lot of parts whitewashed. The 1874 teaching mentioned, but then nothing on how it got to 1914. Also even in that book, obvious Russell did NOT predict 1914, just agreed and printed it.

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