Are women more susceptible to religion than males?

by Vachi 8 He Is 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    What's your take on this? Every church and kingdom hall I've been to seems to have a higher ratio of girls to guys. Is it because it taps into some emotional thing "jesus/jehovah loves you and therefore show love back by doing this and not doing that and......" Is it a passive/agressive thing? Since males are hunters by design and adapt or construct ways to catch the female (who I am by no means calling weaker) can males "see" the BS because you can't BS a BS'er? I know I'm gonna get flamed for not wording this right.

  • yknot


    Whether by creation or evolution ......


    In paternal societies at least......

    Men are encouraged to 'be their own man'

    Women (well in the south anyways) are encouraged to be 'nice' or 'pleasant' or 'sweet' in disposition.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    Yeah I can see that, why not? See what I did there? Just a little joke to keep from cryin' man. Any others? :)

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