America's Got Talent and the G.B.

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  • wheelwithinwheel

    The beginning of the A.G.T. season always gets me shaking my head in disbelief. I am amazed at the number of people who have extreme delusions of their talents and capabilities. My wife believes these people have to be planted by the producer, to amuse the public, but I’m not so sure. I wonder about Russell, Rutherford … and the current G.B. They all believed(believe) they are extremely gifted. They are absolutely convinced they are capable of explaining Bible symbolism (Revelation and company). But obviously they are not even qualified to explain Jesus’ meaning of “a generation”

    If they were to strut their stuff on A.G.T, how would things turn out?

    Pierce has no patience for juggler’s who drop the ball and magiciens who mess up on their illusions.

    Would they be X’d off immediately or allowed to move on to Vegas?

    Would things be clearer for current J.W.’s if they were sitting in their living rooms, instead of at their KH’s?

    Would the G.B. get their vote?

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