My Life - In Bob Dylan Songs

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  • BluesBrother

    Oh Sister

    I was Young When I Left Home ..I was All Along The Watchtower
    once told Don't Think Twice, It's Alright we are With God On Our Side
    and the anointed are Knockin' On Heavens Door, but you will be Forever Young...
    When He Returns
    I figured You Gotta Serve I said I Believe In You

    Pledging My Time, it was All I Really Want To Do, back then
    I walked the service, in my Boots Of Spanish Leather
    I worked the street they gave me..Highway 61, Revisited it diligently but to me it was
    Desolation Row the folks Aint Talkin I felt a Po Boy, with
    Working Man's Blues and longed for One More Cup Of Coffee for the road

    I muttered to myself "Life Is Hard" but Someday Baby when there is
    Spirit on The Water and Thunder On the Mountain, ........ A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, and
    the whole world will go a Rolling and Tumblingbut the Masters Of War will give me Shelter From The Storm ......... When He Returns

    The Times They Are A Changin' - the prophet now seemed like a Jokerman who sufferred The Disease Of Conceit

    I became a Man Of Constant Sorrow, the words seemed an Idiot Wind and Everything Is BrokenI said I'm "Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking" realising that I was Only a Pawn In Their GameI wanted to hear the Chimes Of Freedom. My heart said Its All Over Now, Baby Blue
    I Shall Be Released because Beyond Here Lies Nothing
    I was Like A Rolling Stone ,without a home like a complete unknown....

    Now I have learned that to find Dignity you must Trust Yourself..

    with grateful appreciation to those who make the information available - If Not For You I would not even find the door...

    (just my whimsical view of life and music today.....and an appreciation of a great songwriter.)

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


    you used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat who carried on his shoulder a siamese cat

    ain't it hard when you discover that he really wasn't where its at after he took from you everything he could steal

    how does it feel?

  • snowbird

    I used to listen to this and wonder at its biting tone.

    Now, I know.

    After "staring into the vacuum" of my crazy ex's eyes, I know.


  • lepermessiah

    This was a true lyric for me:

    "I went to Church on Sunday

    when she passed by.

    And my love for her

    is taking such a long time to die.

    I'm 20 miles out of town with Cold Irons Bound!

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