Just Saw The A-Team Movie

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  • mentallyfree31

    We went and saw the A-Team movie tonight. I thought it was great.

    Anybody else see it yet?


  • zoiks

    Not yet. I'm looking forward to it though! I don't need it to be smart, deep, or profound. What I remember of the A-Team was cool characters shooting stuff and never actually killing anyone. All those bullets, and never a bullet wound! Ha!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I have 2 seasons of the original on DVD. I love that series! I don't trust re-makes, though.

  • RR

    I'll let you know tomorrow

  • sd-7

    Darn. I've been bombarded with advertisements in my area--I'm just dyin' to see it, but I know I can't get away from family long enough to do it. Wife saw preview and said it looked really violent. My first thought was, It's the A-TEAM! That's the point!! Ironically, I have virtually no memory of the original series. Need to catch up.

    Every time I see a billboard for it, I keep saying, "Hannibal! Face! B.A. Baracus! And Murdock! THE A-TEAM!! [Humming A-Team Theme]." Except I don't say [Humming A-Team Theme], I just hum the A-Team Theme. Just...clearing that up. Glad to know it was a great film. At least I'll catch on video if all else fails...

  • blondie

    Hubbie and I went Saturday. We both saw and loved the original tv series and were worried we might not like this but it was produced and directed by the same people who did the original. It won't win an Oscar but it was great fun.

  • 5thGeneration

    I used to pretend I was sick every once and a while to stay home from the bookstudy as a kid to watch the A-Team.

    I was prepared to hate it but I also thought it was great!

    They finally made a TV show to movie transition that wasn't a Ben Stiller type joke.

    A lot of fun.

  • tec

    All of your reviews look promising. I won't see it until it comes out on DVD, but I'm looking forward.

    (Mr. T, the real Mr. T, said he thought it was too violent, btw)


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