DC DAY 3...This is what I learned...

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  • onemore

    Well…I made. 3 days, that’s all it took to convince me that…

    The Watch Tower is Jehovah’s representative on earth, and if I want to be happy, be resurrected or survived Armageddon, I most obey the ‘slave class’ and it’s Governing Body.

    Oh…that the end is near so I most…drop everything and become pioneer, distribute the WT’s publication and drawn other to Jah’s people. Forget about my worldly career, my non-witness family and friends that have left Jehovah.

    Also, that the internet, smart-phones, ipods, higher education, etc...are the devils tools. That they are drawing people away from JEHOVAH!

    Hey…did you know that there are people doubting that this is the “Truth”? can you believe that!? But how could they? Don’t they know that the ‘end is near’? this is not the time to listen to the Jah’s ‘people enemies’! they spread lies about God’s holy ones…

    Also, did you guys know that the Christians that left Jesuralem in 70 c.e kept a record of the congregation activities? Number of baptized? Hours spent preaching from door to door? And appointed Elders!? Yeah they did! For some reason, they reminded me of today’s Jehovah’s witnesses…I don’t know why? But they were soooo similar to us. There was even an “older man” that kind of reminded me of the Governing Body, he was so wise, they voice of reason among those directionless Christians.

    BUT TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!! There was “New Light” about the generation of Matthew 24:34. They “overlap” it’s a generation that had a beginning so therefore it most have an end! It has an end people!! SAY WHAAAT!!!

    And by the way, the end of that generation is near, very near!

    I’m so thankful to Jehovah and it’s organization and its slave class and its governing body, and the governing body, the organization, the governing body, the organization, the organization, the organization….

    Jesus WHOOOOOO!? Isn’t he an apostate or something? I LOVE THE F***KG Governing Body…they are like my god or something!

    P.s…tomorrow I write about my REAL experience.

  • mentallyfree31

    Ugghhhh, the horrors..


  • zoiks

    Inside, I'm screaming...

    With Joy! I wasn't there!

  • loosie

    Did they seriously say that early christians kept a record of time spent preaching?!?!?!?!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The only things I ever saw in the Bible of records of Christian or religious activities were how many in each tribe were there in Israel so they could parcel out the land of Canaan, and that 5,000 were added to the 3,000. That was reported to John to comfort him when he was in prison just before he lost his head.

  • Cadellin

    I can HARDLY wait. Yes, the mermaid will be going in July. Oh boy. Thanks for the exciting preview...

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