New song 142

by InquiryMan 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • InquiryMan
    I was listening through the 138th Gilead Graduation Program on
    listen from 12.08....

    Isn`t this Kingdom Song somewhat different from others, being more upbeat and lively than usual?Kind of new sound by Jws terms.
  • Splash

    Sounds like a song from a show.

    Once it arrives at kingdom halls I'd expect it to be piano only and therefore less lively.

    Incidentally, is Geoffrey Jackson putting on a bit of weight? That's an impressive double chin he's starting to grow.
    Add Mark Sanderson to that observation too.

  • WTWizard
    They are all rubbish. To take the gift of music and use it to program smut into people's heads, including not being able to live a normal life and do one's own research, is utter blasphemy. I am not going to waste the electricity to listen to something I am so sure is rubbish--seems nothing the washtowel does comes out right.

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