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    Raymond Victor Franz

    Born in Kentucky on May 8, 1922
    Departed on Jun. 2, 2010 and resided in Winston, GA.
    On June 2nd, Raymond V. Franz (88) passed away peacefully due to the effects of a fall and subsequent brain hemorrhage suffered on May 30, 2010. Ray is survived by his wife, Cynthia.

    A minister, missionary and Biblical scholar for over 70 years, Ray is the author of a number of books including CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE and IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM. Ray and Cynthia served as Jehovah's Witness publishers, then missionaries in the Caribbean and at the Watchtower Society's Worldwide Headquarters for over 20 years. Ray was appointed to numerous positions within the organization including serving on the Board of the Governing Body, the ruling group within the organization.

    Ray was involved in writing countless articles, tracts and books within the organization including The Aid to Bible Understanding (Aid Book). While researching Bible facts, Ray and the research committee recognized that numerous organization doctrines conflicted with scripture. In 1980, Ray took a final stand on Biblical Issues and separated from the organization.

    For the past 30 years Ray has lived his life peacefully dedicating himself as a husband and friend with the purpose of helping countless people to a fuller appreciation of God and the Bible. He will be dearly missed.


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