Do you think it is a good idea to stop the oil spill in the gulf with explosives?

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  • asilentone
  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Right now it sounds like the drilling of the 2 relief wells would finish before it comes down to an explosives option. Hopefully, the relief wells will intersect deep enough in non-permeable rock that concrete can stop the leak without any oil leaking up through fissue issues.

    Think About It

  • RR

    I say light a match

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    How much damage would that do to the atmosphere? I guess it'd clear up quick enough? The damage done by the spill is bad enough. I don't know. These types of disasters really get my blood boiling.

    Cult Classic

  • inkling
    I say light a match

    Under water?

  • PrimateDave


    Just because bombs save the day in Hollywood movies like Armageddon and Independence Day does not mean that such things always work in real life. Besides, the explosives could turn one big gusher into a lots of smaller leaks that could be harder to contain. This is all a moot point, anyway, since the relief wells are being drilled. Detonating explosives could erase all progress to date on that endeavor.

  • darkuncle29

    Explosives are sometimes used to put out oil well fires on land, but I think what you are meaning is a 'BIG' explosion to destroy the well head.

    I think it is a bad idea, as deep drilling -on land or water- is a very precise action approached with a great deal of scientific causion. They screwed this up by NOT following established safetly guidlines. Another good example is that man made "mud volcano" in Indonesia or Malaysia, google it. Very sad example of what ignoring drilling safety guidlines can do.

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