Saudia Arabia gives OK to Israel for Iran Bombing

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    'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'

    06/12/2010 20:29

    Saudi Arabia denies 'Times' report Israeli jets ok'd to fly through.

    Saudi Arabia responded Saturday afternoon to The Times of London report that the Saudi Air Force would allow Israeli jets to use Saudi airspace to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. The Saudi Defense Ministry said the report was baseless and untrue.

    “Saudi Arabia is not party to the conflict between Iran and the US and Israel,” the Defense Ministry said.

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    The Times report, published Saturday, cited a US defense source as saying the Saudis have already done tests to ensure no jet is shot down in the event of an Israeli attack. The source added that the US State Department is aware of the action and agrees with it.

    According to the report, a Saudi government source confirmed that a blind eye would be turned to Israeli jets attacking Iran.

    An Israeli attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities would likely target uranium enrichment facilities at Qom and Natanz as well as a heavy water reactor at Arak and a gas storage development at Isfahan.

    The UN Security Council passed a fourth set of sanctions against Iran on Wednesday in the hopes of diplomatically stopping Iran's development of a nuclear weapon.

    Israel's Foreign Ministry released a statement following the passing of the sanctions which said that the resolution was "not enough," and that what was necessary now was for additional “significant steps” to be taken by various countries and international groupings.

  • JeffT

    Why would they even need to fly through SA airspace? It isn't between Israel and Iran.

  • Cagefighter

    Buy a globe Jeff T

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    Cagefighter did you look at yours? Here's a map.

    From any point in Israel north of Tel Aviv you can get to almost all of Iran by flying due East without overflying Saudi Arabia. You might need to talk to the Americans about Iraq, and Jordan is in the way. I doubt the Isrealis care about Syria. In any event they can get to Iran quite easily without flying over Saudi Arabia.

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