Moments that Ought to Have Embarassed Speakers at the KH

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  • Cthulhu

    I can remember several, but here are a few.

    1. The brother reading about the human "organism" repeatedly mispronounced the quoted word as orgasm during a Bible highlights part.

    2. The brother reading the announcements during the days of cassettes must have read that word 20 to 30 times and incorectly pronounced the word "cass-ee-yets" every friggin time. Funny but extreamly annoying at the same time.

    3. One Sunday morning when I had the high honor of reading the Watchtower for the congregation the brother conducting the "discussion" had a little trouble when reading the scripture about the "congregated throng of Jehovah." You guessed it: he said the "congregated THONG of Jehovah." My head just about exploded trying to hold in the laughter and I knew I couldn't look up at ANYBODY because I wouldn't be able to handle it. I don't know how I got through the rest of that reading because it was fairly early on as well.

    Anybody remember other such moments???

  • man in black
    man in black

    One guy actually wrote the announcements that were read before the service meeting on the palm of his hand.

    He thought that this would make him look more mature (hey look, I dont have to write anything down, my memory is just awesome)!

    Well, his hands must have been sweating because when he got up on the platform he stood there silent and turning red

    His notes had vanished, then he went back to his seat, got the written copy, came back and read them.

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