Misery loves Company: The Meetings

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  • 5thGeneration

    After increased pressure from friends and family (many less than spiritual) to get back to the meetings recently, I started wondering how many of them are just plain pissed every time they're sitting in the KH thinking about you siting at home watching CSI.

    Was just wondering about that angle.


  • WingCommander

    Interesting topic.

    I don't think people are jealous that you are not there, I think it's more of a ,"I'm here filling my seat being bored, and therefor so should EVERYONE ELSE." In other words, they have to put up with the same mindless crap week after week, and they expect everyone else should too.

    But seriously, I think the whole "please come back to the meetings" thing that I've been hearing about on here over the last 2 years or so is being driven by the fact that so many are leaving the the Kingdom Halls are seriously empty, even on Sundays. This is especially so in 16-30 age group. We are intelligent, research EVERYTHING online, and of course that's dangerous to control groups looking to hide their past and mistakes.

    The last meeting I went to (about 4 years ago) at my local KH on a Sunday was VERY empty. It was like April too, so no snow and not summer yet (Pennsylvana) so where was everyone?? It was really sad...the place was practically empty. Only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the seats were filled. Boring as hell too. I can't imagine any "Worldly" person being impressed enough to come back. I've visited some Methodist and Lutheran churches in my area to see if they suffer from the same depletion syndrome. Guess what? NOT!! They were almost completely full, had activies, youth groups, etc, etc. It was completely the opposite.

    I swear, I think of that scripture that the JW's constantly used to use about, "Get ouf of her my people," and it almost seems now like it was written about the JW's - people leaving them!

    If my parents were still alive, they wouldn't even recognize this so-called "religion." So much has changed it's not even funny. Sad thing is, it's changed for the WORSE.

    - Wing Commander

  • Girlie

    Spot on, WC

    The meetings have no value to them. It is the same regurgitated drivel thats given at every meeting night. No new material is presented (other then the convoluted generation change) and the message is not of any real appeal to the youth. Go enough times and you can pretty much predict the lessons that are going to be covered. It is no wonder why there is a shortage in meeting attendance.

  • miseryloveselders

    They love rehashing Heb 10:24, 25 at least twice a month. Sometimes they do Rom 1:11, 12. What I get a kick of out of those verses is Paul is writing a personal letter to the Christians in those areas. He told the Hebrews that they need to get together for several reasons including encouragement and discussion of important matters. He told the Christians in Rome how much he missed them and how he longed to see them. The WTS has taken those verses and used them as if God commanded us to attend the Service Meeting, The Congregation Bible Study, The Theocratic Ministry School, The Public Talk, The WT Study, two Circuit assemblies (a 1 day, and 2 day), and one three day District Convention. Oh, almost forgot, the Circuit Overseer visits twice a year. During his visit, you'll have to go to the KH possibly 5 days within a 7 day week. None of its encouraging. It's the same information you heard the week before, and the week before that week. For Elders and Ministerial Servants who have to meet with the CO, he uses the same outline, he used the last time he visited six months ago. It's ridiculous. This is the only religion that has meetings about meetings. Meetings about meetings!!! WTF?!?!?

  • 5thGeneration

    Right guys.

    Hence my theory on taking their frustrations on family that don't go.

  • Borgdrone

    Every meeting seems to carry the same topic 'preach and teach'.

  • Bethelite Elder
    Bethelite Elder

    regirgitation of hogwash

  • meangirl

    I know I used to be with the key word "used" to be but now they are jealous of me!

  • free2beme

    I would rather explore my thoughts by drilling holes in my head and see what pours out, then set through one more meeting.

  • WTWizard

    How many times have I heard "It is dangerous to miss meetings" at the boasting sessions? Or, drives to go out in field circus more often? Can you do more? And, most of us know the story line from Adam's creation to the end of the 1,000 year reign well enough so we never need to see the inside of a Kingdumb Hell again.

    Perhaps if they would create a little value for those attending these things, more people would show up. To me, however, it is a complete waste of my time if every other phrase is about missing meetings.

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