"you do not know the day nor the hour"

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  • pirata

    Concerning Armageddon, did Jw's know:

    The hour? No.

    The day? No.

    The week? No.

    So maybe the "day for a year" principle applies here?

    The year? No.

    The decade? No.

    The century? No.

    Hmmm.. maybe the "with God one day is as a thousand years" principle applies here?

    In that case, there's no way to pin-point it to even the closest 1000 years...

  • WTWizard

    Instead, you have to waste your whole life warning people that such destruction is coming "imminently". Of course, you are murdering them if you do not do this--even though they are going to die of old age anyways. Then, they are going to have to also go out in field circus, murdering people unless they warn them of an event that they will not even see.

    This has been going on ever since mankind was able to do its own thinking. Religion has prevented people from thinking, always insisting that we owe it to God to send His message to people that won't even listen to it anyways.

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