Few elders have been successfully sued for child abuse - WT OFFICIAL

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    Ironically, it was Silentlambs founder, Bill Bowen, who said in a radio interview with Meria Hellar in April of 2002: "A civil lawsuit was filed against the Watchtower Society in January I mean July of this year, and others are stepping up right behind them. If they won't answer this problem morally, then we will answer this in the courts and let's see how they stand the litmus test of the United States justice system for what they've done for children."

    How have the courts answered? Much to the chagrin of Bowen here is the list we have comprised thus far with the resulting judgments.

    Rees Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Amy B Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Amber Long Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Heidi Meyers Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Berry Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Beal et al Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Decorso Vs WT--Summarily dismissed.
    Here is a list of legal action taken against the WT:

    Erica Garza Rodriguez Vs WT--Dismissed.
    Nolen's Eleven Vs WT--Dropped or summarily dismissed.
    Boer Vs WT--WT nets $137,000.
    Welch, Nicole D, Tabitha H. Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Kara L. Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Daniel West et al Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Wimberly Gutierez et al Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Tim W Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Jared Grafmyer Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    A.B., G.G., S.H.,N.H., et al Vs WT--dismissed with prejudice.
    Friends of Amanda M. Vs WT--dismissed without prejudice.

    Watchtower Society found negligent--ZERO

    Note that they are all legal actions taken out by individuals against the WT.

    Blondie can probably find the quote where the watchtower makes the claim in the thread title. It is a classic case of weasel words.

    Try asking how many JWs have been charged by the police tried and convicted for child abuse and the story is very different.

    In Europe HOW MANY? The infamous Porter case in the Uk comes to mind where a pedophile moved to London, and was appointed in the Mill Hill (Bethel)congregation, despite it being known what he had done back in his home town.

    There are too many cases to mention. Of course, these victims are all embittered and have turned against the WT so their testimony cannot be true. At least that is what many JWs would say.

    How many have been tried in a court of LAW and sent to jail? The information is out there, and I cannot believe that the person who cherry-picked this list can maintain that it proves anything, except that those who adhere to the Witness belief system have no compassion for any of its victims.

    The claim on another thread has been made - ZERO (successful lawsuits against the WTBTS)

    Successful convictions - I dare you to find it out FOR yourself.

    Notice too the "DEFENSE" along the lines all the others are doing it so we are not any worse. This ties in with what J R Brown said when confronted on the issue "the problem with child abuse among JWs is NO WORSE than in any other religion. Why couldn't he say the problem is very much less widespread - even BETTER??"


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