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  • sabastious

    I find it ironic that the current President of the United States political campaign was "Change."

    He lived up to his word. Change is in the works, it's on the mind and soon it will be at our doorstep.

    What will this change be?

    We could sit hear and spew conspiracy theories for hours and spin our wheels until the smell of rubber permiated through the routers of the internet and through a mist like fume seeping out your moniter creavaces...

    Now is not the time to toy with speculation, no matter how much fun it may be. Now is not the time for fun... In due time. Because we all know that living our lives to the fullest is utmost importance!

    Gotta look out for number 1. But "number one" is subjective. It includes not only yourslef but everyone in your life that is one with your soul... so-to-speak.

    Family is the most imporant thing. That includes long tenured friendships as well as immediate and extended familes!

    I feel a change in the direction of the wind. It's subtle, only detectable by the ones truely looking, feeling for what is intangible, what is abstract but at the same time so important for the future of all existance...

    But lets not get ahead of ourselves, there is much work do be done, and dweling on delutions of gradiour will only spin the wheels further.

    We need action.

    I am, and neither is anyone else, in a position to dictiate what those actions are. The simple fact is those actions, those motivations are deeo within each and every one of us... We cannot extract those ambitions... You know what I am refering too... Those ideas that pop out of nowhere that seem to make sense only for an instant but then become lost like a forgotten dream.

    You would do well my friends to find triggers to induce memory of those lost ambitions. Look within yourself and grab on to your true calling, whatever that may be.

    Find that woman or man that you had a several year crush on that ended up breaking away because of geographical circumstances! Pick up that damn phone and call your mother or father that you haven't spoke to in who knows how long.

    The worst case scanario is failure. Do not be afraid of this outcome, it is as natrual as the water your drink and the air your breathe. It is the fuel of success! Without failure success would remain in the dark abyss of the subconcious mind.

    Change is coming. Obama has found loop holes in the American System. Sure many have in the past, but I fear and hope that he find the largest gap in the Constitutions defenses. Only then will the document be debugged and refined into and even greater peice of litature.

    Change is coming. We have at least one large war ahead of us. But in the end Humanity will pick up the peices. We are built to survive, so all flesh will not perish. Maybe the majority will, but there will always be a remnent, because we are built to survive.

    Someone or something has told us that. We learn from the past. Maybe no individually every time, but collectively it happens, albeit very slowly, but progress can be quantified.

    Do not give up, do not become complacent! Apathaty is among our greatest foes.

    Change is coming, whether you like it or not... Do you want go down in history as a fighter of truth? Or maybe a complacent quitter that doesn't feel he can make a difference.

    To quote Peter Jackson's/JRR Tolken's Master Peice: Even the smallest creature can change the course of history.

    But keep your feet, my friends, or you'll never know where you'll be swept off to!


  • WTWizard

    I think we need a new political party to come out of nowhere and take both Re-PUKE-licans and DUMP-o-CRAPs by surprise and win the presidency by a landslide. And, from what I have been observing, the Twelve Visions Party is the best suited of them all to do just that.

    If they get in, there would be change, all right. Such as zero tolerance for initiatory force, threats of force, or fraud by the government. Such as zero tolerance for corruption among their members (they would be disaffiliated if, after being elected, they became corrupt). Such as no more of my tax dollars wasted on stupid regulations when the private sector can just as easily solve our problems. Such as no more FDA holding us back from finding real cures for diseases, keeping big drug monopolies in place, and thereby wasting trillions of dollars. Such as no more encouraging people to spend their whole lives on welfare, wasting my tax dollars doing nothing more than sitting on the couch watching soaps or placing Washtowel rags.

    Also, our schools would actually teach people to lead. They would be taught to think, and learning would no longer be such a drudgery. That would breed new technology that we can only imagine today. That would also set up people to get so much thrill out of learning that our "kick crime" problem would be solved. Even with drugs legalized, the drug dealers would find profit margins falling so fast that they would go belly up. Gone would be vandalism and most of the disruptions we see as people seek kicks.

    And no more Jehovah's Witlesses.

  • EndofMysteries

    Whole world is blind if they don't see the 'change' and keeping up with things past few years. Here is the 'change', look up what the "Freedom Tower" where the world trade center was located at, and what they changed it's name to. (not sure if keeping it still or not since the quiet change supposedly has been spread a lot and outrage over it)

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    The President we have seems to lack common sense.

    When events present themselves for his due consideration, he consistently picks solutions that seem designed to cripple the country. In other words, he seems hell bent on bringing the nation to its knees. To me, he's either insane, or he's perfectly sane and is persuing an agenda. With the country $14 trillion in debt, he's now saying Congress needs to sign a $50 billion bill that will aid states that habitually overspend -- and which saw their troubles coming years ago and did NOTHING! He says we need to pass this law so that teachers and police cutbacks won't be necessary.

    They aren't necessary now! If those states cut senseless programs that aren't of any use...if they cut political paybacks...outdated programs run by people making six figures and who draw their salary in their breath. Any idiot can cut the unnecessary programs by just being handed a spreadsheet!

    And with the BP thing...that's sheer incompetence. Had I been President, I would have immediately formed two blue-ribbon panels. The first would have include the U.S. Navy's Supervisor of Salvage (which has experience at operating at those depths) and experts from Exxon, Shell and others. They would have been in charge of fixing the problem. The second panel would have been in charge of affixing blame and tabulating damages, environmental and other. Our illustrious President did neither, choosing instead to consult with his daughter!

    I'd also make him produce his birth certificate, just to prove to people that he was born in this country? Why would he spend over $2 million to block his certificate from being shown? It doesn't make sense. If he's the President, show the bloody certificate and stop all this senseless litigation that's costing taxpayers big bucks. Why would he not want it shown? Wait...I already asked that. But why?

    It's a shame that the first black President will go down in history as the worst U.S. President ever when he could have been the best. Instead, he seems intent on changing our form of government. That's not the change people voted for. (I knew what kind of a person he was before the election...why were so many people fooled? I mean, I'm not Einstein, and he didn't fool me.

    I'm afraid he will break the back of the Republic. And it will happen sooner than later.

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