Can't believe the rubish in the new "Was Life Created" brochure!

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  • sabastious

    Scient ists in the United States, Asia,
    and Eu ro pe lau nched well-funded resea
    rc h prog rams using met hods that
    promised to speed up evolution. After
    more than 40 years or intensive research.
    what were the results? "In spite of an
    enonnous financial expenditure," says researcher
    Peter von Sengbusch, "the attempt
    to cultivate increasingly productive
    varieties by irradi ation Ito cause
    mutations J, widely proved to be a failure."
    21 And Lonnig sa id: "By the 1980's,
    the hopes and euphoria among scienti sts
    had ended in worldwide failure. Mutation
    breeding as a separate branch of research
    was abandoned in Western countries. Almost
    all the mutants died or were
    weaker than wild varieties.""

    Even so, the data now gathered from
    some 100 yea rs of mutation research in
    general and 70 years of mutation breeding
    in particular enable scientists to draw
    conclusions regard ing the ability ofmutalions
    to produce new species. After exami
    ning the evidence, Lonnig concluded:
    "Mutations cannot transfonn an original
    species (of plant or animal] into an entirely
    new one. This conclusion agrees
    with all the expe riences and results of
    mutation resea rch of th e 20th century
    taken together as well as with the laws of
    • Mutution experiments repeatedly found that the
    number of Ilew mutants steadily declined. while the
    same type of mutants regularly appeared. In addition.
    less than I percent of plant mutations were chosen for
    further research. and less than I percent of this group
    were found suitable for commercial usc. However. not
    one entirely new species was ever created. The results
    of mutation breeding in animals were even worse than
    in plants. and the method was abandoned entirely.

    So, can mutations cause one species
    to evolve into a completely new kind of
    creature? The evidence answers no! Lonnig's
    research has led him to the conclusion
    that "properly defined species have
    real boundaries that cannot be abolished
    or transgressed by accidental mutations."

    So a group of scientists try to mimic a process that takes billions of years in a few decades and fail... Does that mean that mutations cannot produce new species? No, it proves that we cannot mimic the process of evolution.

    Just because this Lonnig jackass became so dejeceted by his scientific failure doesn't mean he's correct in his cunclusion!

    Grrr, this kind of stuff is EASY to find the massively flawed logic, but I know so many creationists eat this crap up.


  • wannabefree

    Cause and effect. Somewhere down the line creation happened. Deal with it. For something to come from nothing it had to have been caused. Who caused God? ... obviously the buck has to stop somewhere.

  • Elsewhere

    Wow... they have no idea what they are talking about.

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