Public service announcement: If someday I post something annoying and you get mad at me and retaliate in kind

by gubberningbody 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • gubberningbody

    and can't remember either what I might have posted, or how you might have been annoyed and responded, so that it seems like I'm either ignoring you intentionally, or I'm holding a grudge...

    Don't worry about it because that can't happen.

    I have ADD and only the most recent and shiny objects holds my interest...for a minute.

    Oh, and don't let this dissuade you from continuing to imagine I've remembered anything you've said or even have a clue who you might be, even if I don't and can't...

    Keep the home fires burning anyway.

    Just because you can't do or say anything I'll find memorable in any way shouldn't make you feel small or inferior, even if you are.

    What was I talking about again?

    You suck cage!!!

  • palmtree67

    gubberning, are you an intolerant/hateful bigot???

    Then get over to my party thread, dude!

    Bring Toby.

  • StAnn

    GB, my hubby has ADD. However, I have ADHD. The "H" makes it a lot more fun.

    Mine is a strange household.


  • StAnn

    Palmtree, I don't like Toby Keith. Part of my intolerance toward country music. Toby can't come to the party.

    Sorry but I have to be hateful about this. No Country Music at the IHB party!


  • palmtree67


    We don't invite Toby because we like country music....We invite him so we can make fun of him.....HAHAHAHAHA!

    then we make fun of gubberning for bringing him.

    Geez Ann, haven't you ever been to a Bigot party before?

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Gotta love it . My son is stopping by after work and I'm showing this to him. (MY move is stuck on high center but -there's always tomorrow til for afew more days)

  • gubberningbody
  • Cagefighter

    Thank you GB for mentioning me in your post. Not sure what it means but I am sure it does not warrant a personal attack as we are all on the same team. Team Apostohomey..... I am turning off a new leaf... For some reason I need to jerk off....

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