Thought JWs only rescued sheep!

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  • 5thGeneration
  • betterdaze

    This is all very feel-goody nice-nice and fine. The Witnesses did what any "worldly people" would have to save a neighbor's drowning pet.

    For this we should praise them?

    How many pets are sorely neglected while Jehovah's Witnesses are out in their door-to-door work, or preparing for and attending five meetings a week?

    How many languish in shelters because Jehovah's Witnesses, by and large, refuse to take in pets that would require time and money expended on their "ministry"?

    WORSE: How many human children have died, sacrificed on the altar to the Watchtower Society, for lack of standard medical care like a blood transfusion?

    Or even basic dental care, because "Armageddon is coming... soon"?

    Again, for this we should praise them?

    ~Sue, a self-separated "goat-like one"

  • blondie

    Another goat and jw experience with a different outcome.

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