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  • transhuman68

    For ex-Witnesses coming to this forum one of the strangest revelations must be that there are no answers, unlike the usual Watchtower study.

    The end of the certainty they had enjoyed as an faithful Dub must be unsettling. It is inevitable, as we come from all corners of the earth, and we

    have each come to our own conclusion as to what truth is. What can we say: Welcome to uncertainty? Welcome to the three-ring circus that this

    forum seems to be sometimes? Welcome to a lifetime of unanswered questions?

  • wobble

    Yes all are WELCOME !

    At least here we can ask any question, and people will honestly tell us what they feel and what they know, and we can then form our own opinion.

    It is a wonderful freedom ! The WT imprisons the mind.

    As has been said many times on here, "I would rather have questions I cannot answer, than answers I cannot question"

  • Cthulhu

    You know, I was just thinking about this this morning. Among the many differences in the way we think when we are in the organization and the way the whink when we are out of the organization is that in the organization there are always clear answers to everything...and if there's not there will be soon. And it is all so very circular in logic. And they feel safe with that, because it's true no matter what. It can be scary outside because there are no definite answers about most things. And yet, it gives me the feeling that I can add something that has not yet been there. So while it can be frightening and inteimidating, with it comes the incredible realization for great potential. Sad to think of how inhibitive they are of individuality and creativity isn't it?

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