Books you would like to see back in print

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    I been reading books by Taylor Caldwell the past few months and I read a book by hers called The Listener. It's been out of print for quite some time. The book is considered religious and in a way it is and I don't really classify myself as a christian since I really don't know what to believe anymore but I think it is a book that christians and people who aren't christians would enjoy here is one review from goodreads on it:

    An eccentric widower builds a small, window-less chapel-type building in the center of a city, where people of all walks of life, and all manner of earthly trials can go to have conference within a room containing only a chair, a stage and a curtain. There is no person there, other than themselves; just a quiet peace, and this curtain. They have heard of this place from others who have been there, but they do not know what to expect or to whom-if anyone-they are speaking. Still, they feel some sense of a presence within; an unjudgemental listener. Feeling no condemnation from the curtain, the individuals who go there are free to express themselves, confide in the silence. What they find, or do not find, is conditional only upon their faith that someone IS there, behind that curtain, who cares.

    What older books do you like that are no longer in print that you would like to see back in print.


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