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  • BoomTown

    About a year ago, I made the same choice many on this board made, to leave the witnesses. At first, when I would go back to the hall I would tell my believing(just barely) wife why things being said were so false and I was so damn adament about what I was learning from the "apostate sites." In the past year my meeting attendance has slowly faded to about 1 meeting a month. Now, when I go to the KH, I don't even listen to the words the speaker is saying. Ironically, this is exactly the way I came into the truth at this very hall, going to meetings at a place i didn't want to be(my parents were having marital problems and thought the hall was a good place for us) not listening to the words of the extremely boring and uninteresting speakers. So, the question I pose is this: Am I at the beginning of a new cyclical phase of the truth, where eventually I'll just jump back in or am I at the reaching the beginning of the end, where I could just care less about being at the hall other than to support my wife while she still believes?

  • poppers

    Time will tell.

  • VoidEater

    Whenever you are conscious of a choice, you have a choice.

    It's up to you.

  • transhuman68

    It's your life. Just make sure you have no regrets. Years later, you may look back and wish you had left at this point. There is probably nothing to be gained by staying in.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    As long as a person thinks that there might be the slightest possibility the Jesus selected the WT, in 1919, to be Jehovah's sole communication with us, there is a chance that they will slip back into the bOrg.

    Ask yourself:

    If that is true, what should you do?

    If that is false, what should you do?



  • BoomTown

    There is no way in hell I will ever believe its the truth. Thats for sure. Wish there was a way to speed up my wife and let her fade to get the hell out. Is it me, or do way more men leave than women? Just seems like there are a ton of husbands whose wives are still in but not as many wives whose husbands remained.

  • diamondiiz

    Hi Boomtown;

    I pondered on the woman/man thing as well. Would be nice to have some stats. As for speeding things up with your wife's exit, it's hard to say as each person is different. You can try to reason with her from wts own publications and hope she sees it for the cult that it is and leaves. Good luck in getting her out as I'm still fighting to get my wife out of their grip. Making outside friends might help

  • jamiebowers

    Everyone's situation is different. I was df'd and lost everything worth losing, so the Watchtower can't take anything else from me. That's why I use my real name and live however I see fit. But not everyone has the same circumstances.

    I recently read somewhere, (I think it was the Pew Report), that there are more women than men in the organization.

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