U.S. trying to deport 'Son of Hamas'

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    Deputy Dog

    From: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=159377

    U.S. trying to deport 'Son of Hamas'

    But Homeland Security, according to Yousef, doesn't "get it."

    He said the FBI, in contrast, "has a much better understanding of terrorism and recognizes me as a valuable asset."

    "They told Homeland Security that I am not a threat and advised them to drop the case. But Homeland Security shut its eyes and stopped up its ears and told the FBI, 'You have nothing to do with this. It is our job,'" Yousef said.

    The agency's performance, he asserted, "should worry the American people."

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    "If Homeland Security cannot tell the difference between a terrorist and a man who spent his life fighting terrorism, how can they protect their own people?" he asked in his blog post.

    Several attacks have been thwarted since 2001, but it seems we still have a ways to go.

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