limited ambition at work raises risk of job loss?

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  • serendipity

    I am very fortunate to have a job, but I have no real ambition to move up the corporate ladder. This is a white-collar environment and I'm lower level management. I get the feeling that all people in my position are supposed to be ambitious. When asked about my career goals, I've told my manager that I feel I need to gain more management experience and more business exposure since most of my experience has been in IT, but I've never said I wanted to be an executive or stated specific positions as career objectives.

    I do a good job and am well-regarded, but I keep my workweek to 45 hours or less and seldom check emails outside work hours. I keep having the nagging feeling that if my manager has to pick a person to layoff, it would be me, since the rest of the group are all workaholics. I don't know if this is just paranoid thinking or if ambition levels are typically considered.

    What do you think?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    serendipity ..........the American workplace is more about office politics than doing a good job. It might not seem fair, but you have to play the political game to survive sometimes. If you already feel like you would be the one to go in a layoff, then you need to do whatever you think would keep you from feeling that way. Just "play the game" sweetie and you will be fine.

    Think About It

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    it's kind of crazy but eveyone seems concerned about setting goals whether it be the wtbs or the workplace and everyone is being quilt tripped in all the arenas. everyone seems bothered by the idea that your not ambitious for their cause, people seem disappointed in you if your not on the hamster wheel. there may be a financial price to pay but whats wrong with just doing whatever you want if you want jimmy buffets wasting away in margaritaville sitting on your front porch swing so what, if you want to read books all day in the library so what you probably won't get rich unless a freak accident occurs or you invest all your time & energy into its pursuit its a decision but who cares what others think do what you want.

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