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  • nextdoorgirl

    I need help understanding the tactics JWs use when faced with direct accusations. For example, I told my JW boyfriend many of the things I am learning, such as:

    Me: WTS matches all 8 of the signs of a cult and several secular sources include it in a list of known cults. His response: "No its not!! Where did you read that? Some Apostate lying website or some worldly people?? Its from the Satan's system of things!" (so, of course, it is inaccurate and all lies)

    (Then later, after mentioning it many times...)

    Him: "If God's organization is a cult, than I want to be in a cult." (This, after we discussed the Jim Jones cult, and he agreed it was horrendous what happened!)

    Me: WTS claims to "keep the congregation clean" hence, breaking up families by disfellowshipping for just no longer believing, yet they allow pedophiles to remain in the congregation (citing the two witness rule).

    He says: "I knew someone who was wrongfully accused by her ex-husband, and the courts took her kids away. People do evil things by accusation, and get their kids to say stuff, just for revenge.

    Me: It's better to let pedophiles remain in the congregation to protect wrongful accusations? Wouldn't you want to err on the side of caution and protecting the children, then the potential pedophile? I mean, not EVERY one of these cases are the kids lying. So, if their accusation is unheard and they are not told to report it, or are encouraged not to report it, so as not to "bring reproach on Jehovah," then there are some pedophiles in the congregation. How is that directed by God? Is that RIGHT?

    Him: "That's God's way of handling it, as in the bible, and I'm sticking with it. People are imperfect. What can you do? (he is resigned and untouched by these problems).

    "If it's good enough for God, its good enough for me."

    Gawd! I hate that kind of unthinking "reasoning."

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They have been taught not to listen, so don't try to tell them anything.

    They have been taught to teach, so ask questions.

    They have been taught to change the subject, so don't change the subject and don't let them change the subject.

    They have been taught to run away when confronted with opposers, so you won't get to ask many questions before they disappear, or get nasty. Choose your question carefully. It should undermine their primary doctrine or something that supports it. Don't waste your time with anything else. The primary doctrine is .......

    ........that the WT was selected by Jesus, in 1919, to be God's sole channel of communication ....... and don't you forget it.

    If any one part of that assertion is faulty, then the whole is faulty.



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