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  • donny

    I heard a very funny thing at work on Friday in the lunchroom. I had got to the lunchroom late and my table of my fellow warehouse co-horts was full so I sat at a table of ladies who worked in manufacturing. After a few "hellos" they soon resumed their conversation. The ladies consisted of 2 Vietnamese, 1 Indian (from India), 1 chinese and 1 Mexican and English was the common language. They were talking about hand and foot care and where they go to get it done.

    I was amused at some of them having to repeat what they said because of the heavy accents, but it was the following conversation that really got me.

    One lady said she uses some small files to manicure the nails on her hand so they look nice. A second lady asked what the files are called and the first lady replied "manifiles." A third lady asked if she uses the same files for her feet. She said "No, I use pedifiles on my feet." I had to leave.

    So what have you heard?


  • serenitynow!

    that is too funny. I cant think of anything now, but if you want good overheard humor you have got to go It's R-rated but hilarious!

  • StAnn

    Geez, Donny, now I have to go through my manicure kit. I think I actually have some PediFiles. It just never clicked with me until now!


  • donny

    Thanks Serenity for the link. That was great.

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