Smoking Ban

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  • RR

    Back in the day when the Society imposed a smoking ban and gave all smokers six months to quit or be disfellowshipped, I wonder what the statitics showed.


  • minimus

    Remember, smoking got you involved with the demons!!!

  • blondie

    1) some quit after 3 or 4 tries

    2) some were privately reproved a couple of times

    3) some quit cold turkey and never went back

    4) some just left

    5) some just tried to hide their tobacco use

    6) some were df'd and were eventually reinstated

    7) some were df'd and never came back

    8) I know of one jw that died and they found he had been smoking all along...the big problem is should he have a KH funeral....

  • blondie

    Remember that tobacco use alone was considered spiritism (the health issue was not the df factor).

    Don't forget betel nut and coca leaves.

  • wobble

    My old congo. has just DF'd a guy that everybody knew was smoking for the last 20 years or more, as I am out of the loop I don't know why they suddenly decided to, perhaps he got careless and offered the C.O a ciggie or something.

    I was doing some anti-witnessing on Friday , and the guy I spoke to asked what the policy on smoking was based on, I had to say to him, not very much really, like most of their doctrines, but they will hang you out to dry if you fall foul of them !

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    My mother was a smoker since her teens and this cult baited her in, set the hook, then gave her a few months to quit or be DF'd. She went through hell trying to quit and those bastards didn't give a shit about her because she was a poor single mother. She couldn't kick the habit and eventually just quit going. Other than that the woman was a saint.

    Think About It

  • WTWizard

    While I definitely do not recommend starting smoking, it is one of the most difficult things to quit. What they are doing is asking people to do what takes, on average, five tries to successfully do and succeed on the first try or get disfellowshipped. You cannot beat someone to succeed--it didn't work with the 55 MPH speed limit, even though it is much easier to quit driving 80 or 85 than to quit smoking.

    Not only that, but the environment is conducive to making it even harder to quit smoking. The stress is very high--one thing that causes people to light up is stress. Many of the witlesses are on very poor diets, another thing that makes quitting smoking that much harder. They are deprived of sleep (between secular work, boasting sessions, and field circus), and many people smoke to get going in the morning. All this, plus the fact that many people smoke because it gives them a bit of relief from stagnation (which is insanely rampant within the religion), and you are effectively doing all you can to prevent people from successfully quitting smoking in one shot. About the only way to succeed in this is to have never smoked in the first place, and then you would still have to start smoking in order to stop.

    Also, I can think of one thing that is as bad for one's health as smoking: Eating at McDonald's or a similar place every single day for lunch and often for dinner. While I am not against an occasional treat at McDonald's, eating there regularly is bad for one's health. According to the document Supersize Me, one that eats McDonald's food once a week is a "heavy user". One that eats there at least three times a week (many pio-sneers eat there every day) is a "super heavy user". The "super heavy users" would actually be better off if they were smoking than if they continue eating the crap every day for lunch. Those are the ones that are often fat, and they lack energy. They get enough of that from being a witless.

    Yet, when am I going to see a Washtowel rag banning going to McDonald's? Probably never.

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