Bush's Glib Waterboarding Admission Sparks Outrage

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  • Bangalore

    Bush's Glib Waterboarding Admission Sparks Outrage.



  • designs

    He and Cheney should be prosecuted but they'll get a pass. Barbara Bush's opus was a case study in either total denial about her husband's activities or just a fan letter to the GOP.....send more money to the NRC.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    This demonstrates that humans, not just the WTS, willingly sacrifice their core values saying that the reason they are doing it is to protect the group's core values.

    Fear that we will lose control can make us throw away with both hands our own truth.

  • MegaDude

    Democratic interrogator: ( to captured 9/11 terrorist) Where is your operation based out of and who are you working with!!!!!

    Terrorist: FU!!!!!!

    Democratic interrogator: Oh, well, we tried.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog
    "This is not the last war we're going to fight," Cullen said. "Americans not yet born are going to be prisoners of war in those conflicts. And our enemies are going to be able to point back to President Bush and Vice President Cheney saying that waterboarding is OK.

    If water boarding was the worse thing anyone does to our Millitary leaders, I could live with that.

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