Never learning and always mixed up!

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  • not a captive
    not a captive

    I've been thinking about my old friends who are at the DC this week-end. The non-JW husband of one told me. I ran into him at an art opening a couple of blocks from here. They have heard all about my leaving he said. It was my first congregation I belonged to. The first Hall I went to was one that had an outhouse for the toilet facility. (Kids loved that) These are really wonderful women. I love their families HOW CAN WE REACH THEM?

    I keep remembering, though, that they have been brain washed. So all I can do is try to think of just one small fact that can grow like a mustard seed and displace the wierd funk that passes for truth in their minds.

    "....always learning but never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth", is almost the JW slogan. And it is paired with "taking in knowledge of the true God", the subtitle of one JW Bible study aid.

    But these scriptures are not well translated. The NWT, the Bible that the WTBTS translated under WT president Fred Franz shows the mind control he embedded in the two scriptures that we know as well as a 10 year old "worldly child" knows the Pledge of Allegiance.

    No other Bible translation gives this spin to those scriptures. Is that because everyone else has it wrong? Or is it because this subtile but insidious inflection serves the mind-control purpose of the "Only True Religion"?

    Under oath during the Douglas Walsh trial in Scotland,1954, Fred Franz and WTS legal counsel Hayden Covengton established for all time that the Governing Body of the Watchtower, even when they knew they had published and promulgated false teachings--INACCURATE KNOWLEDGE--they said that the WTS made it binding on all of Jehovah's Witnesses to follow the doctrines that they put forth--even when they are known to be wrong--under pain of disfellowshipping. To follow and teach these falsehoods is the requirement that the FDS demands.

    The Society is now a group of Corporations since this trial but this same corrupt concept that "accurate knowledge" is the sole propriety of the Governing Body of Jehovah"s Witnesses and must be followed persists.

    Every bit of the literature is filled with "acurate knowledge" that insists that the only way you can ever know God is through their admitted inaccurate knowledge!

    In its twisted way, as the WT plies these two verses, it virtually guarantees that every person that studies with Jehovah's Witnesses will become spiritually sterile over time. Even some who are disfellowshipped still yet believe it is the sole channel of truth!

    Any who get infected with their doctrines will in fact be cursed with "always learning but never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth"because no one ever know anything but has to change with every new utterence that comes forth fromthe mouth of WT. They will in fact continually be "taking in knowledge of the only true God" but never allowed to know him.

    We didn't have information such as the Walsh trial when I was studying. We didn't know the sneaky way that our faith could be subverted by JWs with their Bible. But we do now.

    We have to keep working to get this information out in the public around the WT captives too. I met a bunch of ex-JWs and non-JW family members yesterday. Their moms and wives who used to be my friends are at the DC. It is so sad that we are not able to talk anymore...

  • Snoozy

    I like that thought, Always learning and never able to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth! They often quote it but they never realize it applies to them. They are always pointing the finger at everyone else. So sad.

    And your experience with the outhouse sounds like the first KH bookstudy I went to. It was in a small delapidated little store. Like you would see on "Little house on the prarie" but not in the country. I think there were only two families and my MIL that went to it. (Book study). It was sad. My first impression was to run, I should have listened...

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Hey, snoozy--We're neighbors! I'm in NW Arkansas! There were some good things I remember but just before I came into that little Congo an older couple had moved away. It took a few years but parents began to piece together that the retired brother had molested quite a few of the children. Long ugly after effects. None of this would seem so bad if there weren't this idea that everything and everyone is perfect.

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