Did Ray Franz go to any church near his home?

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    okay, thanks.

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    Ray did participate in private Bible studies that rotated between various homes including his own. The participants were all former JWs who either belonged to various denominations, or some, like Ray, did not affiliate with any Church. In earlier years, Ray did attend BRCI Conferences which were held in Georgia or Florida. When the conferences moved to Chicago, he was not able to travel to them. These, together with the home studies were as close to any group activity of Christian fellowship that he ever became involved.


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    Mad Sweeney

    Worship of God within one's own home and with one's family and close friends is exactly how it should be, IMO.

  • sacolton

    Yup. I'm amazed how quick people announce what denomination they belong when asked if they are religious. "I'm Catholic!, I'm Baptist!, I'm Mormon!, I'm Methodist!, I'm Jehovah's Witness ..." which gives glory to a man-made organization. When someone asks me, I say "I'm Christian!" - I don't follow any man-made organization. The church is the Christian who follow Christ Jesus.

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    I think he was better off that way. If you are going to be Christian, better off to simply abide by the Bible than to what a group of men say about it. At least that way, there is nothing to donate to a church that may or may not be trying to tell the actual truth.

    And, that made him a better Christian for it. Instead of joining another religion, he simply tried practicing what was in the Bible to the best of his ability. He did it by trying to improve the religion that he was among the leaders of (extremely rare for a religious leader), and he continued once he realized that that effort was going nowhere. And he did it by exposing what really went on in the religion he was trying to improve, at the highest levels.

    Which I am sure has helped many people to realize that the whole religion of Jehovah's Witlesses is nothing more than a scam.

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