You know, you guys still aren't worldly

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  • gubberningbody

    In fact, for the most part I've observed a higher level of morality among so-called "apostates".

  • garyneal

    My wife would not agree with you there. She told me tonight that if her religion was wrong then there is nothing out there that teaches morality.

    She also said that my family allowed us kids to do whatever we wanted without punishment. (Tell that to my rear end back when my step dad use to whip us with his belt.)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Thanks – I think?

    One thing I learnt after I left the JWs was that “worldly” people aren’t the evil, lying, adultering, thieving people I was brought up to believe. Most people are normal – they love their families, they care for their friends, they even offer support to strangers. People are actually – nice!

  • GLTirebiter

    Thanks, I've been working on that! I'm trying to reduce my bad associations with false prophets, hypocrites, back-stabbers, etc. I'm glad those efforts are making a noticable difference!

  • teel

    I'm reminded of that internet one-liner: "We are the ones your parents warned you about"

  • wobble

    The " thinking" of JW's and other religions on this matter of morality, shows that they have not made the moral standards they pretend to live by part of them.

    They are only behaving themselves because Big Sky Daddy will wup their ass, or kill them if they don't.

    The rest of humanity ,whether adhering to a religion or not, who have made their moral standards truly their own, will stick to those standards regardless.

    The problem with being told what is right and wrong is that an "Authority" figure can get you to do what they want, as the Nazi political machine did in the 20th Century, and as the Governing Body of the JW/WT Org. does today, getting its members to sacrifice their loved ones to its false "Blood" doctrine and to its non-scriptural DFing procedure.

    Develop your own moral guidelines and you would have to deny yourself to go against them, and nobody will be able to get you to do harm.

  • Heaven

    This has been one of my goals with my parents ... now just my Father. To show him that a non-JW can be a good, moral person. I think I give him something to think about, especially when I refuse to 'shun' my ex-husband as my Father has said I should do.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I'm reminded of that internet one-liner: "We are the ones your parents warned you about"


    I reckon my parents are the ones my parents warned me about.



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