Random K.Hall memories

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  • exwhyzee

    At the hall I attended in the mid to late 70's the Presiding Overseer in our Cong. was a real hard nosed little man with control issues. (The elders were reffered to as the Gestapo Crew.) For a time this P.O. required that all teen agers sit in the first two rows during the Sunday meeting and were required to answer questions during the Watchtower study that he had assigned to them the week before. These Teens put up with this for a time and their parents went along with it, but this arrangement came to and end when the kids with cars began leaving after the talk taking the rest of the teenagers with them. Some of the kids had muscle cars and would burn rubber out of the parking lot which could be heard inside. (my brother and I loved that part and would snicker until someone gave us the stink eye) Then they'd head out to study the WT as a group at someones house instead.

    One time a elementary school aged kid was sitting in front of me during the Sunday talk. He asked his Mom to let him get up and go to the bathroom. (typical kid ploy to break up the monotony)After an unusually long time back there, his mother went back to see what was taking him so long. The next thing I knew, the red faced whimpering kid was being dragged down the aisle by his collar and was flung into the seat in front of me. Apparently while he was in the bathroom he'd found a pair of scissors in the cabinet under the sink and had given himself a haircut. He had very dark hair and white skin. There were white gouges all over his head where the chunks of hair was missing. (even my Mom was snickering over this one)

    One time I changed a T to an F when we were correcting our answers during the "Written Review". The remorse set in later and I was pretty sure I was going to be destroyed at Armegeddon but that didn't stop me the next time. It seemed more important to have a good score after the meeting when the other kids asked how many you missed.

    My Mom used to play the Piano for the meetings. We had arrived just as the meeting was about to start so she went straight up to the front, sat down at the piano and started taking her coat off. Suddenly she realized that in her haste to get ready, she'd forgotten to put on her dress and only had a slip on under her coat. She managed to play it off OK but we never let her live it down.

    An older sister had convinced a Woman she had been calling on at the door, to allow her young son to come to the meeting one Sunday. During the meeting, someone through a rock through the window and the broken glass showered down on the kid and cut up his ear. The poor sister had to take him home to his mom all cut up and explain what happened.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    OMG, I’d forgotten about the Rotten Review (as an elder used to call it, lol)

    I remember changing the answers just before they were corrected, and hoping Jah wouldn’t hold it against me.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    That is so funny. I remember the piano, but never anyone in their slip haha. Thinking about the little kid with the scissors, just how bored does a child have to be to decide "I think I'm gonna give myself a haircut" during the middle of a meeting. I used to change answers at the written review too, lightening hasn't struck me dead yet!

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    Funny stuff!!. My mom told me there was a time when you had to turn in your written review and it was graded. What is up with that? I did like the scripture match up as a kid. It reminded me more of a game. I would glance over at my parents answers and they were star pupils!! Bathroom breaks were a big no-no in my family, you had better have the runs or you were in trouble. My dad's reasoning was that if we could sit through a T.V. show without getting up and going to the bathroom then we could surely sit through the meeting.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life
    just how bored does a child have to be to decide "I think I'm gonna give myself a haircut" during the middle of a meeting.

    That's exactly what I thought, too. LOL! The kid was desperate.

    We were never allowed to get up and go to the bathroom either. Never. You went before the meeting or assembly session started.

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