When you were an active JW what did you really think about Orthodox Christians?

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    I know that many of you here on this forum are atheists or agnostics and so maybe your opinion hasn't changed. Even if that is the case, I would still like to know from all of you, How did you look at or think about other professed Christians who are not JW's? Did you consider them to be inferior? Did you consider them to be stupid, just decieved, theologically lazy, hypocrites or what? Did you have that elitists attitude that many JW's "seem" to have? Were you taught to gauge people and evaluate what beliefs they may hold to look for opportunities to witness to them? In other words, just how much of your daily thoughts were directed to trying to witness or improve on your witnessing abilities? I'm curious to hear from you if only to try to understand the mindset of active and sold out JW's. Look forward to reading your responses. Thanks.

  • mentallyfree31

    I just simply thought ALL other religions were headed to the slaughterhouse. The common JW belief.


  • Titus

    I helped one Orthodox Priest when I was in field service. Some guys wanted to beat him, and I and brother come to help him, and guys ran away.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    I started out as a cradle Catholic and my dad showed me what damage Orhtodoxy can do to a bright, faithful, and educated man.

    I learned to be sympathetic on that account. And I had to be sympathetic to myself, because in trying to serve God as a Catholic I fell into some pretty deep spiritual hole and didn't know how to get out. The last thing I needed was someone to come in and deride my little personal faith and cut down the only access to God that I knew.

    That never left me as a Witness. I probably helped me find my way out.

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