A detailed prophesy

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  • EndofMysteries

    A very (but not only) prophesy I see in the scriptures, far diff then what we been shown. A few diff outcomes, still sorting out. The beginning of this though, the first paragraph, seems to happen in ANY scenario, but the remainder not so clear at this point.

    World leaders behind the scenes unite themselves, feeling and seeing through the scriptures that they must being in God's new government. Scriptures and things will be shown, very convincing, even contrary to what most have been taught, out of their own bibles. A choice will be had to be made by all. Those not prepared will be as those now who see it, which is right and which is the snare. They are the ones who have fallen asleep and the day catches them as a thief, so they realize they are naked and find they don't have the answers. Is good actually evil and evil actually good with what they had been taught.

    Those who join will believe they are joining and supporting God and that all against his kingdom will have to die. That only true ones will be on the earth. An earthly cleansing, done with his earthly kingdom. Those not joined will be sought out, removed. On a whole, the entire earth will be in chaos. Mass food shortage. The dead from food shortage, from the armies, and those who did hide and not found, who don't die by sword or by famine, will die of pestilence. Death will be so widespread that they will never be buried.

    Those who remain, and those who God allowed to remain, will rebuild. Earth will be scarce, cities overgrown. There will be a kingdom of God, and each year must a trip be made to receive the blessings of rainfall on the land in which one resides. Man shall still continue to age and die, but his years will be gaining as when men had lived long ago.

    At the end of this era, nations will join themselves up, and seek to destroy this Kingdom of God. Then fire shall come out of heaven.

  • frigginconfused

    The first part sounds good. But I think the bible makes out like right before it gets so bad God steps in and slaps down this movement. Then after all the people who do live by love are gone we can begin the 1000 years of getting ourselves to perfection. Living forever.

  • EndofMysteries

    The "only" scriptures I see which show anything based on living forever, or not dying, are related to so called rapture. As for earthly, if so, looks like all flesh will die atleast 'once'. Then resurrected.

    The first part sounds good (if in the sense of you see where I'm coming from), I felt safe to just 'say it' vs actually prove or persuade with scriptures, because of what is implied. You won't have any idea how I can say that unless your seeing it too. Also the reason not showing how it's taught and how it can be taught, is don't have the answer to that question yet. It's THE paradox of paradox's. I think I'm slowly getting the answer though, from a chain of events and seemingly ancient account which may be a mirror of things to come.

    The other possibility, is even more of a paradox, unfortuntately I can't even say that one minus any scriptural backing because it would be too easy to connect the dots, and yet again, not sure yet the answer on it.

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